GOPex and MewVectorOrthotropics Clinical Work Shop
9-10th April


Without question Orthotropics is gaining the best facial changes and airway improvements, however it is also the hardest approach of all. Treating the causes of the problem rather than the symptoms is inevitably more difficult even if the overall health benefits far exceed any other approaches. Changing people is difficult and these two new concepts combined can really help any practitioner to greatly improve their results and bring orthotropics to a far older group of patients.
Both of these are simple systems, do not require a great level of operator skill, and can be delegated.
Good Oral Posture Exercises (GOPex). This systemcombines oral and sitting body posture, Myofunctional therapy, Buteyko and basic good manners. If you do anything every day for 30 days consecutively it becomes a habit. This is a simple 11min routine which requires a parent to work with their child, is relevant to everyday life and can be easily controlled by uploading video records.
MewVector Forward Pull Face Mask. A new forward pull facemask. By gaining an intrusion of the posterior maxillary dentition it effectively creates a non-surgical autorotation of the maxilla allowing the mandible to rotate up and forward, thus achieving an upswing in the entire craniofacial complex. We have gained excellent and consistent results up to the age of 16. The greater the structural change gained in the first phase of therapy the more the patient is likely to change in the second phase.

Course Description

The workshop is a theoretic, clinical and practical course on the GOPex and MewVector forward pull facemask (FPFM) lasting two days (Saturday and Sunday).
On Saturday students will see a range of patients at different stages of Orthotropic therapy who are using a MewVector or have used one and see several patients introduced to the GOPex system by Dr Wong .
On Sunday they will be given the theory behind these two concepts, their protocols for use, back ground information and indications for patient and parent selection. They will observe the construction of a MewVector Facemask and have the opportunity to participate in constructing one (limited numbers).

Outcome and learning objectives. Upon completion of this 2 day programme, will be awarded a certificate of competence. The course is recognised for training purposes by the London School of Facial Orthotropics and the International Association of Facial Growth Guidance.Any competent clinicians will be able to return and implement these systems in their own clinic without further training.

Attendees will be given course material and training videos.

Dates: 9-10 April 2016
Cost: 600 observation
800 to also participate in constructing a MewVector headbrace(limited numbers).


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